Social technologies are a catalyst to the practice of knowledge management.
For companies undergoing a digital transformation and the changes it brings about, the need to capitalise on Knowledge is crucial.
Working smarter, not harder is the key imperative in this day and age.

Bridging the gap

As knowledge workers much of our work today happens in enterprise platforms. Unfortunately solutions such as SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, even Yammer, contribute to existing corporate silos or lack depth.


Our clients use Knowledge Plaza to address one of the most crucial business needs today: the necessity to capitalise on knowledge and make it actionable. KP’s unique balance of social and knowledge capabilities is key to facilitating collaboration amongst geographically spread teams and different technologies.

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Made-to-measure ENG

Made to measure

Knowledge Plaza is essentially your new house! Be it standard or custom, we help you move in, adapt colors to your branding and make sure every space is specifically tailored to your needs and feels like home.


Knowledge Plaza’s services scale quickly and easily meet your organisational growth, giving you the tools to focus on what matters.

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Deploying, scaling and maintaining a platform have never been easier. Connect from any browser, any device, anytime, anywhere – as long as you have Internet access. Even in case of a blackout, our iPad app provides you with off-line sync!


Securely accessible through our private cloud and integrated with your organisation’s Single-Sign-On, KP offers many competitive advantages, improving on accessibility, performance and cost effectiveness.

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Knowledge as a Service
Simplify your workplace

Simplifying your workplace

Too many apps, not enough time. If this sounds like a complaint you heard, please keep reading.

KP can integrate in such way, to offer a simplified and efficient workspace, placing all crucial information at the fingertips of your users.

Knowledge Plaza fully integrates with Google, Microsoft and IBM ecosystems. Legacy document systems can even be replaced through data imports and related costs saved.

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Security, Privacy, Availability

Hundreds of thousands of users and top-level executives around the world rely every day on Knowledge Plaza to ensure critical business knowledge availability and keep it safe.


By combining state-of-the-art technology, best-of-breed engineering teams and a fully owned European private cloud powered by 100% renewable energy, Knowledge Plaza holds a proven track record of meeting the strictest industry standards, customer requirements and beyond.

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KP Customer-success

Driving you to success

We are fully committed to your success. Building a supportive culture is vital to any change management. That’s why we developed a Customer Success program to help you sail through your pilot phase, successfully launch your platform and engage your employees.


Our KP Academy will keep your project managers on top of things for a sustainable and long-term success.

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