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What to expect from the Knowledge Tour : Roundtables

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Our immersive roundtable discussions on selected #futureofwork topics are organised along 12 themes, each participant can pick and choose their own area of interest and participate to 5 roundtables during the afternoon.. or just 1 or 2 if you’d rather sip coffee and exchange with your peers :-)

Each table discussion is animated by an expert, lasts 30 minutes and follows this basic structure

  • Introduction
  • problem definition & feedbacks
  • key findings

After a short introduction, the interactive session will address the main challenges delegates are currently facing. Problems and feedback will be collected and the rest of the session will be dedicated the development of key findings. After the event, the expert will write a short article about the table discussion s/he animated. We will publish those articles to create an ongoing dialogue and get input from conference participants to shape the post-conference content. Also it should serve as a catalyst for future discussions and dialogues.

The afternoon is dedicated to exploring the topics below, share experiences and identify common issues.

#1 Product discussions

It is in the habit of Knowledge Plaza to organize user clubs; bringing our clients together on a regular basis and share best practices. We also use that opportunity to share news on the roadmap, the product and its developments. Should you be interested, we will do the same here but (spoiler alerts) .. be ready for some announcements!

#2 Knowledge Sharing & Market Intelligence (Paris & London)

Managing what employees know plays a major factor in increasing competitive success.

  • What about the sharing experience?
  • How to connect people and ideas, best practices, experts that are centred on similar interests and needs?
  • How can a knowledge centric platform increase the visibility, productivity and quality of your research?
  • Governance & Support issues…

#3 Open Innovation & Cross-teams (Paris & London )

Open Innovation is essentially managing a more distributed, more participatory, more decentralized approach to innovation.

  • How to mobilise the company’s collective intelligence and whole ecosystem to support the innovation process?
  • Can you apply Open Innovation to any company?
  • How to build a more collaborative and open culture within an organization?
  • How does Open Innovation affect any role within a company?

#4 Inclusive Innovation (Paris & London)

  • Why one on one, circles-type physical meetings are still mandatory in 2017 ?
  • How to have a systemic approach ?
  • What is it to be on the field and coach companies ?
  • How to include all employees in the innovation process and what does it mean ?
  • Why language matters ?

#5 Social Knowledge (Paris & London)

Social Knowledge is the organizational currency in the new knowledge economy.

  • How do conversations build communities?
  • How does collaborative problem-solving can be the foundation of your future innovation?
  • Managing the human experience; without people knowledge is not created!

#6 Digital Engagement (Paris & London)

Another buzzword… yes, but what is it?it’s anything and everything that involves a conversation online. Within a company, it involves customer service as well as internal comms but it’s not run exclusively by marketing nor comms! puzzled?

  • so how do you encourage professionals to share knowledge with their colleagues and/or stakeholders
  • What is the framework? What type of commitment?
  • what is the role of sponsors and how can they influence digital engagement?

#7 Collaborative Digital Intelligence (Paris & London)

  • What is the right mindset for successful collaboration ?
  • How to set up proper mentoring and coaching ?
  • How to overcome siloed development ?

#7 Collaborative learning (Paris & London)

According to Jane Hart, founder of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies, Collaborative learning happens “in the flow of work [that is] enabled, supported and encouraged; not designed or managed,”

  • What is the role of a knowledge centric program in collaborative learning?
  • How can networks replace hierarchies?
  • How to foster a culture of innovation?

#8 Formal vs Informal Knowledge (Paris & London)

Large companies that believe in SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) are currently going through a Digital Transformation phase and have a strong need to capitalise on knowledge.

  • How to formalise Tacit knowledge through training?
  • How to develop and capture informal knowledge?
  • How to direct and deliver a project while measuring levels of insight and intuition from that same project?

#9 Organisational Culture (Paris & London)

  • How to drive organization culture ?
  • How to create values-driven leadership ?
  • What is a responsive and responsible company ?

#10 Leadership 2.0 (Paris & London)

  • What do distributed leadership and the networked organizations have in common?
  • Are you familiar with wirearchy?
  • What is design thinking and why should we all practice it ?

#11 Collaborative Digital Excellence (Paris & London)

  • Reviewing use cases for knowledge networking and their role in creating new digital capabilities for the organisation.
  • What is a change platform ?
  • How do we create space for emergence ?

#12 Digital transformation (Paris & London)

  • What can we learn from the best startups?
  • How to transform your business models ?
  • Emerging growth levers with the digitalization, is it for me ?
  • AI, AI, AI, what will happen ?

We hope this wide range of topics caters to your needs and wishes! We look forward to welcoming you at the Knowledge Tour. Make sure to book your seat !

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