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Thank you notes

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the future ahead of us

A big thank you is in order to all of you, who have committed to support Knowledge Plaza in the past 7 years. This is a moment for celebration.

We are growing steadily and we have reached a point where consolidation has become necessary; consolidation of our team; of our product and most of all of our vision.

Earlier this month, we took the whole Knowledge Team to the mountains; a week to help us better understand each other, create meaningful connections and help us better understand our vision for Knowledge Plaza.

The high altitude helped us consolidate our common vision for the future. We agreed that in order to strengthen our product, we need to increase our differentiation and strengthen our integration with existing tools rather than trying to replace them. Choosing to do one thing well is in our opinion much better thantrying to do everything half baked.

We will focus Knowledge Plaza on these aspects

  • simplify
  • contextualise
  • integrate
  • trust the tool

We want Knowledge Plaza to be the trusted tool along your social knowledge journey; it should help you contextualise and take informed decisions to better move forward.

Thank you for your trust

The KP Team

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