Knowldege Plaza no longer supports nternet Explorer

Update needed…So Long Internet Explorer 8 and 9

Dear Knowledge Plaza Users,

In order to provide you with more agility within our platform and supply you with the latest technological innovations, we decided that as of August 31 this year, we will no longer support Internet Explorer versions prior to version 10. Please make note that, as of September, we cannot guarantee a proper functioning of Knowledge Plaza if you use it on older IE versions.

Several external components used by Knowledge Plaza stop supporting IE8 and IE9, which in turn is a drawback for us in ensuring our compatibility with these older versions of IE. Holding on to these components is not only holding our developers back in their work but has also potential security implications.

We invite you to use alternatives such as Firefox or Chrome, or upgrade your Internet Explorer to versions 10 or 11.

Thank you for your understanding,

Your Knowledge Plaza Team

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