Sharing Canvas

The Knowledge Sharing Canvas is an accessible, efficient and participatory toolkit for knowledge enthusiasts to succeed in analysing, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating a Knowledge Sharing Network.

Download the toolkit v.2

This proposal aims at detecting the key forces in any Knowledge Sharing network (Intranets, Enterprise Social Networks) and have a full picture in the journey of Knowledge Sharing mapping. Hundreds of companies use it to reflect on how to foster a culture of knowledge, to define aspects such as the scope, roles, ideas, drivers and issues… The Canvas is free and can be used in workshop as a shared language to have better strategic conversations or individually as a tool to structure your thinking.

Discover 3 critical building blocks

Do you organize informations ?
Do you engage people to tell stories ?
Do you call for feedback ?

Read our ongoing research on the values of connecting organizational contexts with information spaces, documents with storytelling and conversations.


The thinking behind the knowledge sharing canvas design

An interview conducted by Knowman to understand the creation process behind the Knowledge Sharing Canvas