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Lecko Benchmark – Volume 7

Latest developments in enterprise social networking 

Each year, the consulting firm Lecko is updating its benchmark by performing the analysis of more than 30 tools on a grid of 500 criteria and features. This year, Knowledge Plaza confirms its number 1 status for sharing knowledge, along with strong complementary capabilities of the relational aspect and conversational, even exceeding CSR tools that position yet on these use cases.

We invite you to download the benchmark, which focuses how to prepare and organise a company for changes ahead. Collaboration being the central topic and the seen as the backbone of Digital Transformation.

Knowledge Plaza has what it takes to meet the challenge of a digital transformation with a unique positioning in the market that “enables Knowledge Plaza to stand out on the market and to win customers of all sizes”

In terms of Ergonomics “The tool is simple and ergonomic compared to traditional knowledge management platforms. The publication interfaces are notably simpler, as are the search interfaces, which are clear and use faceted filters. The solution has an attractive, clean look”

For a quick overview of the benchmark, please see Knowledge Plaza analyses here.

Lecko Benchmark Social Knowledge


Social KM Knowledge Plaza

Antoine Perdaens, CEO of Knowledge Plaza, was invited to present his vision in Paris January 29. The opportunity to announce excellent financial results;  Knowledge Plaza has made 116%  of annual subscriptions growth in a market that didn’t exceed 40% growth. Beyond being beneficial, Knowledge Plaza is currently  expanding its team to exceed the 20 employees and strengthens its presence in five European key markets (FR, BE, CH, DE, UK).

With the arrival of the SNCF Consulting Group, Bouygues Construction and a large advertising group, major players have joined the ranks for Knowledge Plaza users. Knowledge Plaza also strengthened its contract with EDF, after winning an international tender. On the Swiss market, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has successfully launched a project.

To illustrate his vision, Antoine told how he learned to become its own baker, using the internet as as a knowledge base.

His instagram feed is proof of it;  Antoine is a fan of baking his bread, and the activity takes time, requires patience and consistency. Yeast, for example, needs daily looking after.

“Making bread is to master a fine balance.” And that is exactly what is Knowledge Plaza’s platform does: through its ergonomics it allows interaction of mobile and agile ways, contextualises key information into dynamic folders with the general purpose of creating transversal best practices in siloed departments “

Uniting both top management to the knowledge employees are as always at stakes; the new battleground is Mobile Connectivity :

  • The Board of Directors who travel and need their files on their iPads. Information is available in off-line including a small search engine. Safety and comfort are improved, no printed materials.
  • the Knowledge workers that are over-equipped but share too much information and paradoxically enough time to read what they want to read, but at least collect and redistribute the essentials.
  • Blue Collar workers who are in factories and who only have access to mobile media. The documents produced, conversations with clients are accessible and efficiency is improved.

By placing employees and consumers at the same level, the digital transformation requires transparent communication about ongoing projects and Knowledge Plaza can offer a vers nimble alternative to the cumbersome legacy platforms.

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