How do you define a user ?

A user is a named person who has been given access to your platform. These users can be internal or external to your organisation – like partners, customers, prospects. As an administrator, you are able to invite, manage roles or deactivate users at all times to meet your business goals or financial limits.

Do you have a free trial ?

Yes. You may sign up and join our own ecosystem baptised “sphere”. It is an out-of-the-box kp platform where you’ll see us working out loud with real people and real content. We’ll create a private space for your team for you to play with and test its standard features.
A great way to get a taste of kp’s experience.

Do I need to buy services ?

Yes. All new project owners need to attend a kp masterclass to get started with their setup efforts.
KP is much more than using a bit of software to get knowledge sharing done; it’s about innovating and improving people’s working habits and making them love it. This is much easier to do within our customer success ecosystem and with the support of our passionate consultants and trainers.

Can we trial a fully customised platform?

Yes, for a democratic cost. Technology set aside, a trial involving a team requires preparation. You get just one chance to make a great impression. Our experience shows that kp trials are unanimously successful if they are preceded by an illustrated business case that obtained buy-in from key internal sponsors, or if you have been fully prepared during a kp masterclass.

Do I need to pay for a year upfront ?

Yes. In the case of a new project kick-off, you pay for the initial masterclass and optional services you choose (50% upon order, 50% upon delivery). History shows that customers who then commit to a full-year subscription lead to more successful long-term projects, which is ultimately our common goal.

Are there additional storage fees ?

Yes. We work on a fair-use basis meaning that we consider our customers will on average be using a reasonable amount of storage (<1TB).
Major capacity requirements imply an additional cost per terabyte and generally moving to single-tenant servers.

Can we buy Knowledge Plaza licences and install it on our servers (on-premises)?

No. We only work on a subscription-based model which provides you with the most flexibility and us with the best incentive to continuously innovate and improve our services.
On an exceptional basis only do we consider on-premises installations for 10.000+ users only.

Are there other costs I should foresee ?

No. We believe in transparent pricing, and the previously mentioned subscription and services cover it all. In case of specific development requests that address challenges shared by other customers, we even spread it out or finance it ourselves.

Are we allowed to re-bill users?

Yes. For internal billing purposes, kp allows you to specify a charge code per user. Other customers use kp as a means to provide an interactive information hub for their own clients which they invoice for the new high added-value service. We have no problem with that.

What happens if we decide to stop ?

We ask you to give us two months prior to your subscription’s anniversary date. We then provide you with a full export of your data in standard XML format. This can be easily archived or reimported in another platform. Once you have formally received and accepted it, we then ensure the destruction of your data on our infrastructure.

Do you have a pricing for really small teams ?

The lowest plan is for up to 50 users. If your question is about return on investment, we regularly hear from teams of a handful of people who get great value out of kp. This proves our belief that great platforms must as much address personal productivity challenges than collective ones.

If we sign up, will you relentlessly call us 10 times a day until we start a project?

Not unless you want us to:) Our company culture is built on trust and transparency. We therefore strongly believe and live up ethical and healthy business relationships with everyone. Small or large companies, interns or top execs. Let’s get in touch and we’ll be glad to help address your challenges if we can or let you know if it’s not in our scope.

Do you have an EDU/NGO/non-profit offering?

Yes. Just check if you comply and you can benefit 50% rebate on our subscription prices.

How secure are Knowledge Plaza infrastructure and services ?

Knowledge Plaza is a SaaS solution provided upon an infrastructure and management processes meeting the most stringent requirements in terms of security and scalability. We offer complete transparency to our customers on the efforts and resources used for this purpose:

  • Infrastructure located in Belgium (Tier III datacenter, ISO 9001:2008 certified).
  • High-performance servers under the full ownership and management of Knowledge Plaza’s engineering department.
  • A robust and scalable scalable software architecture (HTML5, JavaScript, Python, C, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Ceph).
  • Compliance with best practices conducted by independent audits (OWASP, ISO27002).
  • Integration and synchronisation with a centralised authentication system (SSO SAMLv2).
  • Advanced security and optimisation with the client’s network infrastructure.
  • Interoperability (REST API) and reversibility (XML) guarantees.

My IT department is reluctant to use solutions in Software-as-a-Service. What do you do?

It is legitimate to want to control the risk incurred by the use of external tools, especially large public and poorly secured environment. Be sure to clarify with your IT level contact the criticality of your information, technical requirements for security and involve them in case of integration requirements (import, SSO, etc.). Then we bring together our technical teams to validate and ensure the adequacy of Knowledge Plaza and constraints.

What’s up with the intellectual property of our data?

What happens to user data and information are shared in Knowledge Plaza

Your data is kept completely confidential and under your property. Only designated officials of our team have a right of access to your environment for maintenance or at the request of the client for advice.

Where is my data stored?

The data shared by your users are stored on our servers located in the Wallonia Data Center in Belgium. The same information is copied in real-time by in more than 5 locations. Replication to a remote secondary site (>50km) also ensures data retrieval in case of a major disaster occurs at the primary data center.

Storing content in our datacenter (and away from local drives) ensures its availability anywhere, from multiple workstations (desktop computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets). It also ensures their survival in case of theft or damage encountered by them.

Is it possible to host Knowledge Plaza on our own servers?


If 99% of our customers prefer to use our infrastructure after audited and validated its robustness level, however we can create installations on-site physical and virtual dedicated servers. This causes a higher cost and maintenance is usually performed in case of large or for deployment of advanced integration.

Prerequisites are:

  • A minimum project size of 10,000 users or € 250,000 / year
  • Ideally remote access VPN to our technical teams
  • The ability to host Linux VM

Is Knowledge Plaza able to integrate an existing Intranet ?

Knowledge Plaza is not only able to integrate the Intranet but complements its traditional role. Either you choose a light integration through simple referrals (links or search engine) from the Intranet to communities or a deeper integration in order to trace the flow of activities, information and experts. RSS feeds or Knowledge Plaza API can be used for this purpose. The new embed system climbs contents back up, to any page with 3 different views : a compact view, a full view or a view with comments.

How do Knowledge Plaza users authenticate through their corporate login/password?

It is essential to implement a unique authentication system, commonly known as SSO (Single Sign On). Thus, the access to Knowledge Plaza is available and data are automatically withdrawn from your corporate directory (see scheme here below). In order to activate this feature, you need to be compatible with one of the following Protocols ;

  • SAML2
  • LDAP

If you don’t work with any of these protocols, we suggest you to use a dedicated solution implemented by your IT department . Knowledge Plaza provides you with specifications in order for you to create a web-service and go through unique authentication. Your IT department can provide such information.

People are the most important aspect of collaboration;
Knowledge Plaza helps the people