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Fresh news from Knowledge Plaza HQ

We are delighted to share with you news about our business and our organisation's growth. Knowledge Plaza, the most complete Knowledge Sharing platform in Lecko's solution benchmark, is blooming with new talents and new clients.  Great new talents Welcome to Gaël, Tim, Gabrielle, Coraline, Julien, Nico, Quentin, Joachim, Ingrid, Anissa. They...


3 ways to use Knowledge Plaza

Our customers use the platform for 3 main purposes: knowledge sharing, market intelligence and enterprise collaboration. In some cases, Knowledge Plaza is used for one purpose only when in other organizations, a mix of the 3 usages is observed. KNOWLEDGE SHARING Managing what employees know plays a...


7 questions to evaluate your knowledge sharing project

When setting up a collaborative platform, a needs and fears analysis of your organization will avoid developing usages that do not address challenges faced by your teams. Very quickly, the common goal you share with your Customer Success teams will be to centralize our efforts...