Micro-wikis / Collections

Create capsule knowledge wikis, compile and annotate sources, collaborate on content, and easily create and manage best practices, reports, or projects.

Questions & Answers

Help your employees find existing answers to their questions or find experts who can answer. While many answers may be complementary, the most relevant can be promoted.


Create a bibliographical reference with complete metadata such as: Sample, Author, Source, Date of publication, publisher, ISBN, number of pages...


Create an index of contacts and share suppliers, experts, partners, customers ... With input fields on knowledge and skills, and essential contact information.


Import plugins

Don't start from the whole beginning: import your existing files and sources – shared drives, Notes databases... Or any other structured database.

Social bookmarking

Capture and share Web pages, right from your favorite browser, or by email.

File sharing

Save any file type with full indexing and easily manage different versions. Edit your documents via our Google Drive and Office plugins.

Email contributions

Share files, internet favorites or newsletters through a dedicated email address. The solution integrates with your normal working style.

Online viewer

View and read shared documents or presentations directly online, including from your phone or tablet. Instantly watch videos uploaded internally, but also videos or any other streaming media from external services like Youtube, Vimeo, Slideshare, etc.


Social tagging

Between taxonomy and folksonomy, create and manage families of tags to help categorize shared information. Let people tag and find sources using faceted search.


Create private, protected or public workspaces to save and share information with confidence and security. For each department, project or interest group.

Smart tabs

Organize content from a space with smart tabs, and offer easy navigation to essential information you want to promote. Order them the way you want, choose what and how to display your content.


Create and display welcome boxes to display next to activity feed including direct links to important files, key information, media profiles, etc.


Boost the visibility of all your content, regardless of language, by providing an internationalised taxonomy. An aide to capture that avoids duplication. The number of languages that can be deployed is unlimited.


Take charge of content by adding to your shelf which is accessible from main navigation. Can be used for adding content to wikis, and bulk actions such as tagging, archiving, export, etc. Also get the list of documents to review.

Bulk actions

Upload, edit, tag or compile sources in bulk. Effortlessly.

Collaborate & communicate


Engage with collaborators around contributions, annotate them. Because knowledge management is as much about conversation as information.

Like a content

Show your interest and love on shared content using the Like feature. A one-click acknowledgement for contributors.

Instant messaging

See if a user is available thanks to the presence indicator. Start an online conversation instantly.


Update your status. Add comments. Right from the activity feed. Invite your colleagues to join the discussion using mentions.

Email reply

Users can react directly to comments, mentions, wikis, shared or private messages, via their usual mailbox.


Share expertise and identify internal profiles that suit your needs and can help you achieve your projects.

Search & notify

Full-text search

Make simple searches – or build advanced queries thanks to the advanced search module. Filter, sort. All contents are indexed in real time.

Faceted search

Identify sources based on a selection of tags categorized by facet (family), and create directories on the fly. Save your recurring searches, exploit them as favorites.


Subscribe to activity feeds from workspaces, users or wikis. Discuss and stay informed of recent contributions.

Alerts and RSS feeds

Subscribe to email alerts, subscribe to the RSS feed to miss none of the activity on the platform.


Get notifications as soon as new comments are published, or for any new document or wiki update. Only if you want it, and when you want it.

Mobile interface

With a responsive design that adapts to any screen format, users can access KP any time from smartphones or tablets.

Shared digests

Subscribe users to targeted digests, based on saved searches. Inform, engage, stimulate.

Export plugins

Create Notes memos or editable files defined according to your own criteria, aggregating a selection of sources and associated metadata.

Manage & develop


Create and manage spaces, their presentation and their levels of access and who can contribute. Define their subscription style either open or closed access. Specify the default spaces when invited a user or guest joins the platform.

User rights

Guests, contributors, moderators and administrators: KP offers a broad range of rights and a careful management of visibility and access to information.

Groups and Overview

Group spaces with a same thematic area together for easier navigation. Also accessible from the Overview, a page offering access to the spaces via personalized thumbnails.


Insert your own logo, images and colours of your graphics that will apply to the entire platform, as well as spaces.

Activity reports

Discover the monthly usage statistics of your employees activities, active members and page views are available to view the activity rate of your instance.


Take advantage of Knowledge Plaza’s existing web services to import, export, view data and content. The API is available on request and also serves in the development of mobile applications.